Husband And Wife Who Have Down’s Syndrome Celebrate 25 Year Anniversary

The idea of love being forever is not one we can all relate to. Those still looking for that ‘soul mate’ may be especially cynical of the idea. But there’s also lots of evidence to support it, and it’s a beautifully inspirational idea for a lot of us. Many things that would otherwise seem incredible are done out of love.

Paul and Kris Scharoun-DeForge, 58 and 54, can attest to the power of love, in spite of all the obstacles. They both have Down’s syndrome, yet refuse to let life’s challenges stop them. According to Reader’s Digest, the Scharoun-DeForges can boast the longest-lasting marriage of any pair born with Down’s Syndrome.

Paul and Kris haven’t just been married for ages; their story has inspired so many couples across the globe. The pair were married a quarter of a century ago, and their love has only been getting stronger and stronger.

It’s obvious on hearing Kris or Paul talk. Kris spoke about their first encounter, thirty years back when they crossed paths attending a dance. They were drawn to one another right away.

Said Kris: “I looked into his eyes and saw my future. He opened up my world.”

The pair love Valentine’s, making sure to do something special every February. Even though every day together is special for the couple, Valentine’s is something they both look forward to. Kris always makes Paul a homemade card, and when he returns from his work, they head out for dinner. They have an amazing, strong bond, reveling in every single second they spend with the other.

Last year, however, V-Day was super-special for the lovebirds, as they celebrated their Silver Anniversary. To all those who believe people born with Down’s Syndrome lack the emotional capabilities for marriage, they proved everyone wrong.

Of course, the Scharoun-DeForge’s relationship shows no sign of fading away. Sadly, Kris’ husband has recently been dealing with dementia in its early stages, which is unfortunately common for those with Down’s. He has moved to a nearby residence where he can receive the support he needs, but his wife is always by his side.

Kris explained: “When they told me, I started to cry. He’s my life. I don’t want to be without him.”