My mother is ill and lives alone, I try to visit my mother every day after work, and then go home. My mother-in-law doesn’t like this, and look what she told me, and what answer she got

My mom is ill, she’s old and needs care. I will be 42 soon, but my mother-in-law gives me instructions and wants to control me. Even now that I go every day after work, to my mom, and come home afterwards.

Now, because I go to my mom’s house every day, my mother-in-law has become resentful, she doesn’t clean the house, she doesn’t cook anything to eat, at least to make my husband feel comfortable. She makes me run home after work and not go to my mom’s house. She doesn’t even think she is younger than my mom, thank God she doesn’t have any health problems.

That day I purposely cooked dinner at night to go to my mom in the morning. She got up and saw the food and said you would do anything to get out of the house to your mother. You have your own house, I can’t do that much on my own, don’t go at least today, stay with your household chores.

I couldn’t stand it, I said, you may be used to your children remembering you once a year and coming to see you, but my parents are not used to that. We have always been together, and for the rest of my life I will not leave my mother alone.