Fewer people came to my wedding than expected. That was my father’s foult. When he said what he had written on the invitations, I immediately understood why not enough people came. I was disappointed.

We got married a few months ago. Only we as a family know how hard we prepared for the wedding and how nervous we were about it. The worst part was not knowing who to invite, how to invite without offending anyone.

We decided to have a modest wedding. Just 200 people.
We had to reduce the number of guests. My father said to write in a list of the most important guests, and he would do the rest.

We were supposed to have about 200 guests. The last week of the wedding came, our relatives called one by one and said they couldn’t come. And 50-60 people didn’t show up.

I told my dad and he said he knew why they couldn’t come.

My father said that before the wedding he asked relatives if they could help with the wedding.

And on that occasion many people decided not to come to the wedding at all, so they wouldn’t have to help with anything.