Senior woman walks up to the stage to perform the AC/DC’s classic hit Simon thought she couldn’t handle it shuts him up eventually

The entire audience, including judges Alisha Dixon, Amanda Holden, David Williams, and Simon Cowell, were so quiet that a fly could be heard in the audience at the beginning of her performance.

While many audiences were expecting something a little more subtle, they watched with excitement as she began singing the AC/DC hit Highway to Hell in true rock form.After watching her performance, the audience received the singer with a standing ovation.

Jenny Darren has been singing since she was 12 and listening to big names in music like Jimmy Page. At one point in her life, she even sang AC/DC backing vocals and released four albums, featuring Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrian, as reported here by Radio Times.

After her retirement, the Birmingham resident decided it was time to go back to what made her so happy in the past.