My mother-in-law had doubts that my mother was in a relationship with her husband. What I found out yesterday shocked me, and I decided to do this.

My mother-in-law had never had a good relationship with my mother, she had some doubts inside her, but she kept silently following her husband. I could figure out that she was a jealous woman who was probably stalking her husband to see if he had a mistress and was he cheating on her or not.

So I couldn’t know that my mother-in-law had a real reason to blame her husband, and how would I know that my mother was also involved in this “movie”.

It turns out that my mother-in-law caught her husband and my mother together. She gave some time to both of them to gather their minds and stop that shameful behaviour.

But as I got my mother and father-in-law continued their love story.

Yesterday, when my mother-in-law told me about this, I went to my mom’s house and said, to forgot that she has a daughter, and asked my dad to kick her out of the house. Let her live with the one he loves, do not play with the honor of my father. Don’t blame me for what I did, they have crossed all moral boundaries.