I am pregnant. I found out something that I’m in shock with. I don’t know how I will live after this

I am in the last month of pregnancy. It seemed that when the child is born I would be the happiest person in the world, but now I’m the most unhappy.

I had quite difficult pregnancy and I still have health problems, but what happened a few days ago turned my life into hell.

I found out that my husband cheats on me. He meets a woman with whom he has a very warm and close relationship, as I understand from their chat. I don’t understand how I will live, what I will do, what will happen to me and my child.

I argued with my husband, packed my luggage and went to my parents’ house. My parents are in shock, they never imagined something like this would happen to us.

My husband calls and writes all day. But I can’t forgive that, he cheated on me. If he loved me, he wouldn’t do such a thing. I don’t know how to behave, I don’t know how to build my future life.