Grandpa John saw a giant poisonous snake in his garden. He was really shocked. Look what happened then

Grandpa John had a big garden. After retirement, he took care of his garden. This hard-working man supported his family all his life. He was really good specialist and travelled to many countries. He had beloved family full of love and respect atmosphere.

John loved his wife Annie. They are married for 40 years and still their relationships are full of love.

He knew that Annie’s favorite flowers are red roses, so he decided to grow these flowers in his garden.

When spring came, Grandpa John’s house was filled with the scent of red roses. He hurried to pick the most beautiful and good flowers from the garden and bring them to his wife.

Grandpa’s joy was his three grandchildren, two of them were proudly named after him and his wife. Every time when children stay in John’s house, John pleases them with small buckets of blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries from his garden.

John’s garden had an interesting mystery, which the family members were always surprised to tell. There was a big poisonous snake in his garden but he never harmed that snake.

Grandpa John remembered his first meeting between him and the giant snake. When he first saw the snake in the garden, he noticed that the snake noticed him, then Grandpa John turned his direction and left, and the snake also went to the other way. Since that day, the snake and grandpa every day met each other in the garden and both of them tried not to disturb each other.

Soon Grandpa John was diagnosed with an incurable disease, which was quickly destroying the health of this hardworking and kind Grandpa.

After John’s untimely death, his family had to sell the garden, because no one of them couldn’t take care of it.

Then the members of the house sold the garden where every stone and bush, tree and flower was planted by grandpa John.

The garden was sold, but the pleasant and kind memories of grandpa John were warming his family member’s hearts, as well as the conversations about the relationship between the snake and his grandpa. They also remember about the relationship between the snake and the grandpa John.