The abandoned grandpa’s legacy surprised everyone. What did he write?

This incident will always be remembered especially by those who witnessed this story, but it deserves everyone to know about it and learn from it.

Grandpa was living alone. His daughter and son had left him.
The reason of their act, they just saw their father as a burden and abandoned him to make their lives easier. After his wife’s death, he lived alone on his own pension. He took care of all his needs alone, and when he couldn’t do something, he didn’t ask anyone for help.

One day, grandpa passed away. He was found only days later when his neighbour knocked on his door and no one answered. After this news, his daughter and son came to share the property and found out that their father had left a legacy.

In the legacy was written “Dear relatives and children, you didn’t love me enough to be by my side during my life. Now, however, you have surely come to see what I am leaving you. You will be surprised, but none of you will receive a legacy for my house. I have donated it to an orphanage, because there are children who dream of having their own home and parents, and there are ungrateful people who don’t appreciate what they have. Let this be for those who value everything.”

Then granpa’s son and daughter burst into tears. They understood that they had behaved very badly.