I asked my son to take me to a nursing home, but he didn’t. Look what my daughter-in-law did after that

I have two boys. My eldest got married and went to live separately.

The little boy was a gambler, his wife couldn’t stand him and took her daughter ard they left him. Wherever he went to work, he either didn’t like it, or the money was not enough.

That’s why he gave himself to gambling – to make easy and big money, but he was deceived and destroyed. Then I had to sell my house because of my son’s debts. Soon he went to Mexico to work.

Now I’m 70 years old. My eldest son said, “You will come and live with us.” Soon I moved, I was sad and stressed.

Because of argues between my daughter-in-law and my son, I understood that my daughter-in-law was against the fact that I was living with them.

I decided to ask my son to take me to a nursing home.
My son said: I don’t want to hear such a thing from you, you will live with us.

After a Couple of days when my son wasn’t at home, look what my daughter-in-law told me. “Well, you’re a cunning woman,, so that you don’t stand your ground, what can I say, you are destroying your son’s life.”
I tried to talk, to convince that I wanted the best for them, but it didn’t work. After another argument, my son said that he did’nt like it and then he let his wife go, he would’nt leave his mother. He had got used to my presence.