How Priscilla Presley, 77, had plastic surgery procedure gone wrong: Inside her life

Priscilla Presley is back on the spotlight again following the success of Baz Luhrmann’s biopic, Elvis starring Austin Butler. But aside from her controversial marriage with the late singer and her thoughts on the film, people have also been curious about her much-changed face. Here’s the tragic story behind her transformation.

Did Priscilla Presley Get Plastic Surgery?
In 2019, Radar Online reported that Presley developed an obsession with plastic surgery after she was diagnosed with skin cancer. The actress started to be fixated about her scars after a surgery that removed cancerous tissue from her nose.

“Priscilla was already a slave to surgery. She’s constantly running back to the surgeon’s office asking for more work — and it’s destroyed her looks!” said the insider. “She told them [the doctors] to give her the works because she was so self-conscious about any scarring.”

According to experts who haven’t treated the Naked Gun star, she’s likely had lip and cheek fillers, skin resurfacing treatments, and a face-lift. Dr. Dave E. David assessed Presley’s viral pictures and said her face is “overdone,” noting: “There’s so much filler in her cheeks that she can’t open her eyes very much. Her face looks compacted and all squished together.”

Dr. Anthony Youn also agreed that there are clear signs of a face-lift on Presley’s face. As for Dr. Steven Svehlak, he’s sure the 77-year-old had some kind of skin resurfacing treatment. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Payman Simoni thinks that as a result of the procedures, “her face has been damaged beyond repair.”

Priscilla Presley Was A Victim Of A Fake Plastic Surgeon
In 2003, Presley had a procedure performed by Dr. Daniel Serrano — a cosmetic surgeon to Hollywood A-listers like Larry King’s wife Shawn and Lionel Richie and his ex-wife Diane. Serrano operated on his clients for $300-500 at cocktail parties in Hollywood.

Soon, he was making $1 million with Presley as one of his clients. He advertised injections as “better than Botox.” However, he was only a licensed nurse and wasn’t allowed to perform such procedures. He also used industrial-grade silicone that’s typically used for lubricating car parts.

According to Presley’s reps, she was a “victim” of an “unlicensed doctor” and had “no idea” she was being injected with silicone. TMZ reported: “Priscilla Presley was one of many documented victims of Dr. Serrano.” The fake surgeon was eventually imprisoned after an investigation. “An investigation which uncovered his misconduct ultimately led to his imprisonment,” said the outlet. “Ms Presley dealt with this matter years ago and everything is now well.” Indeed, Presley had corrective surgery in 2008.

In 2004, Serrano was charged and sentenced to 18 months in jail. He pled guilty to smuggling, conspiracy, and use of unapproved drugs, two years later. An anonymous victim said: “To this day, I have big bags under my eyes and I’m still trying to get treated for it. It’s a constant battle. I feel like I have sand in my eyes.” Shawn King also admitted that the injections made it tough for her to speak and drink. Meanwhile, Presley became a target for trolls when she appeared on TV after her botched operation.

Presley never admitted to getting plastic surgery herself. So far, the only confirmation is her spokesperson’s statement about her experience with Serrano. But according to plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Robert Stephen Mulholland, the former co-founder of Elvis Presley Enterprises “has had a good start but a bad finish” with facial surgeries. “Her cheeks are a little over-augmented, her mouth is a little pulled. She has had a good start but a bad finish,” said the physician.

“Her brows, which used to be very severe eight years ago when she had a brow lift that changed her whole look, are now settled. And her eyes actually look fairly reasonable,” he continued, noting that the “mid-face” with nose, cheeks, and mouth is what makes her a “little plastic.”

Mulholland concluded: “I think at this point you’d want her not to do any more volume with the mid-face section – just let it settle a bit. If she’s had a tension pull, allow it to relax. And just allow her face to age more appropriately.” In 2019, Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie was also spotted leaving a cosmetic surgery facility in Beverly Hills.