The heartwarming moment Julie Andrews is sang ‘Do-Re-Mi’ by Von Trapp child actors

It was in 1964 when the world-renowned movie Mary Poppins was launched, but until today, this legendary film resonates with tons of fans all around the world.

In the midst of this amazing film is Dame Julie Andrews, a celebrated soprano and actress.

Her four-octave soprano voice captured the hearts of many. Her fans were not only awed by her incredible voice but also her captivating aura and personality. She is definitely a legendary actress and remarkable singer.

A year later, Dame Julie Andrews wowed the world once more after being in the famous film The Sound of Music, wherein the music was composed by celebrated duo Rogers and Hammerstein. Their music along with Dame Julie Andrews’s magical voice enchanted the viewers and made this movie one of the most memorable films in history.

And now, 57 years after its launch, the Von Trapp children are back on stage.
The child actors who played the Von Trapp children in the film The Sound of Music are on stage again, only to pay tribute to one amazing lady: Dame Julie Andrews.

Almost six decades after the movie’s debut, the once young actors are now senior citizens, too. They gathered together to sing and honor their co-star and legendary soprano.

Dame Julie Andrews was invited to the AFI Life Achievement Award Gala to receive the highest honor that the institute is giving for a film career.

As a lifetime achievement awardee, the lovely actress accepted the invitation and was surprised to find that her co-stars were also present. Their performance was heartwarming not only to Dame Andrews but also to everyone who was there to witness the memorable performance.

The first to sing was Nicholas Hammond, the man who played the young played Friedrich Von Trapp. He begins the number with the opening lines to their famous song “Do-Re-Mi.”

“Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start,” Nicholas says. Dame Andrews can be seen with a wide smile as she gazed at the five actors onstage.

And when the music finally began, everyone in the huge room joined in and sang, including Dame Andrews.

It was a sing-along that filled the entire Dolby Theatre. It was one incredible moment that will surely remain in their hearts for a long time.

As the five actors sang their signature parts in the song, everyone just could not help but be overwhelmed by the energy in the room. Dame Andrews can be seen having a lot of fun as she sings along with the crowd.

Dame Andrews can be seen beaming with joy as she listens to her co-actors.
Nicholas Hammond, Duane Chase, Angela Cartwright, Debbie Turner, and Kym Karath gave it their best and it paid off. Their song brought nostalgia and warmth to everyone listening.