FIRST LOOK: Cowboy Harrison Ford saddles up and plants a forehead kiss on Helen Mirren in promo snaps for upcoming Yellowstone prequel series 1923

Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren were featured in a trio of first-look images from the upcoming series 1923 that were released on Friday.

In the shots, the 80-year-old actor and the 77-year-old actress were seen performing as Jacob and Cara Dutton while filming for the soon-to-be-released series.

The show will serve as a prequel to the long-running drama series Yellowstone, and it was preceded by the limited series 1883.

In the snaps, Ford was seen in character while leading his horse along a dusty road.

The Indiana Jones star later reunited with Mirren, and he placed a kiss on her forehead while they posed for a shot.

The actor donned a nearly all-black costume that was offset by a stark white hat.

The actress also wore a blue dress and a set of earrings during the photoshoot.

Development on 1923 was initially revealed to the public this past February.

The program will serve as a follow-up to 1883, which premiered last December.

The series, which starred Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, was met with a positive reception from both critics and fans of Yellowstone.

Although the show was set to have a second season, the concept was retooled into a spinoff centered on Bass Reeves.

Although 1923 was originally conceived as taking place in 1932, the story was later pulled nine years back.

The program will follow an older generation of the Dutton family and will see them navigating through the challenges of the Great Depression.

In addition to Ford and Mirren, the show will star performers such as Sebastian Roche, Marley Shelton and Timothy Dalton.

Physical production on the program initially began this past summer, with various locations around Montana being used as filming locations.