Sadie Robertson Huff Is Pregnant with Her Second Child

Christian author, podcaster and motivational speaker Sadie Robertson Huff recently announced that she is pregnant with her second child. She is due in May 2023.

Huff, who initially appeared on the reality TV series Duck Dynasty with her family, shared the news on social media on Nov. 3.

“Another little miracle is in motion,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

Included in a post was a picture of Huff holding an ultrasound picture as she sat next to her husband, Christian, and their firstborn daughter, Honey. The gender of the second child has yet to be revealed.

Sadie Robertson Huff, Huff announces she is pregnant with her second child

The post, which has amassed over 1 million likes on Instagram, was met with celebratory remarks from friends and family in the comments section, CBN News reports.

“Oh, come on! Let’s celebrate and give God some praise!” Craig Groeschel, senior pastor of Life.Church commented.

Christian author and speaker Lisa Bevere added, “Amazing @legitsadierob and may this one astound you!”

“Congratulations, how precious!!!” wrote worship singer Katie Torwalt.

Huff previously opened up on her Whoa That’s Good podcast about her experience with postpartum depression following the birth of her daughter, Honey.

“I came to this point with my story where I was like, I can live in fear, yeah. I can sit here and say what if, and what could’ve and what should’ve happened, or I can live like a miracle happened.’ I can’t explain why I’m okay and why she’s okay, but we both are, and I just need to have gratitude and thank God,” she said.

Despite her struggles with postpartum depression, Huff argued that being a parent is one of the greatest blessings of her life.

“It is the greatest joy. It has not been easy by any means. It’s hard, right? But what would be even comparable to the greatest thing ever, the greatest responsibility, and not be hard? It’s supposed to be. It’s been the most beautiful journey,” she shared.

Milton Quintanilla is a freelance writer. He is also the co-hosts of the For Your Soul podcast, which seeks to equip the church with biblical truth and sound doctrine. Visit his blog Blessed Are The Forgiven.