Girl melts hearts recalling how she fell in love with adoptive mother the 1st time they met

Though Gaby is just a 5-years-old, she is quite the storyteller.

She loves recalling happy memories.
The retelling of her happiest memory ended up going viral after her mom, who lives in Dallas, Texas, recorded it.

Gaby told the story of the day she and her little sister first met their mom.

ABC News reports that the child and her sister were both adopted from China.
So, Gaby started her story with a question.

“When me and Lily was born? You know how did we got born?” she asked her mom.

She didn’t wait for an answer she just kept on with her story.
“When we was born, we came two little babies and then. Lily was still a baby and I was 4-years-old.”

She continued her story, telling a tale of how the two girls grew.
“I got so big and Lily was still a baby when by the time you see her. She was 1-years-old and by the time I met you I was 4-year-old,” Gaby explains.

Now that the technical stuff was out of the way, Gaby was able to get to the good part.
“And we were very excited to meet you and our daddy, and we love you guys and we want to be here for you and daddy,” she told her mom.

This turned mom into a puddle who gushed, “Awwww!”

But the cuteness doesn’t stop there. Gaby had more of a story to tell.

“And I was very excited to meet you too,” Gaby sweetly confessed.

“Any Lily?” mom asked.

“And Lily!” she reponded.

You think there’s some serious cuteness going on now? Wait until you hear what this sweet girl had to say next!

“‘Well, do you know what happened to my heart?” she started with a whisper. “Well, the first time I told you when I saw you, my heart fell in love with you,” she said.

Cue the waterworks! Hand out the tissues!

“Awwww, my heart fell in love with you too,” mom said.

The video was shared all over the internet where it went viral.

Gaby’s beautiful memory and message of love warmed the hearts of millions of people around the world.
“This is yet another reason we must all learn from children. They are pure, honest & hold nothing back. It also makes me believe that there is goodness in this messed-up world we live in. I am calling out all Adults to follow Gabby’s heart & do the right things! She is a shining star for humanity! So glad she got a forever-loving home! My heart is full with this little angel!” wrote one YouTuber.

“I would hug her, and never let her go – she deserves all the love in the world- all children do!” said another.

“How precious is that, innocence is a status that needs to be protected,” said another.

You can hear this beautiful child express her full heart in the video below.