Worried Dolly Parton has decided to stop touring in order to be closer to her husband of 56 years, whom she married in spite of the warnings of other people…

Dolly Parton, the reigning queen of country music, recently said that she would never go on tour again. Parton said that she has been on the road her whole life and is aware of the exhaustion and time commitment that comes along with it.

The actress and her husband are both growing older, and as a result, she would want to be closer to home in the event that anything unexpected occurs.

She shared her experience, stating, “I made fun of all the strange things that were occurring to me in the hospital, and I laughed more than I had ever laughed in my life.”

The country diva kept reasoning that she did not want to let down either her spouse or her fans, and she especially did not want to let down her husband.

Parton does not want to go through the experience of having to miss a concert because she is needed at home when she is on tour because she does not want to have to deal with the guilt of being away from her family.

Despite this, it is not impossible that we may hear more of Parton in the future.

She said that she would continue to play at events and festivals, but that she would not accept any engagements that required her to be on the road for a lengthy period of time.

This year marks the 56th wedding anniversary for Parton and her husband, Carl Thomas Dean.

The couple has been married for a long time. Due to the extreme privacy of the couple’s relationship, many people were under the impression that Dean did not exist.

The singer best known for her hit “Jolene” was aware of this fact, and she said that she and Dean often joke that the only reason their marriage has survived this long is because Parton was never around.

Despite the fact that Parton is famous all over the globe, the singer has said that Dean never desired to be in the spotlight and was aware that they would not have been able to live peacefully had the public known about their relationship.

According to an article, Parton first met Dean on the day that she relocated to Nashville. At the time, the singer was 18 years old, and Dean was 21.

In the end, the two people saw one other when they were standing outside of a Wishy-Washy Landramet in Music City, and they started dating not long after that meeting.

During an interview, Dolly Parton discussed how she has found that establishing a balance between how much to share with the public and how little to share with the public has been beneficial to her relationship and has helped her safeguard people who are close to her.

The country superstar was quoted as saying, “There is a component that belongs to both God and I.”

After being together for more than half a century, the actress from “Tomorrow is Forever” said that if she had the chance, she would live her life all over again with Dean.

“I’m going to have to pull him kicking and screaming into the next half-century. We’d appreciate that “stated Parton.