Whoopi Goldberg leaves her seat on The View to tear into audience member live on air

Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t in favor of one The View audience member’s shenanigans recently. Goldberg has been a member of the ABC show‘s panel since 2007 and, over her 17 year stint, hasn’t been a stranger to some controversies. Back in November of last year, the actress ruffled a few feathers for hitting out at ‘lazy millennials’. The segment in question … Read more

Authorities put tragic end to magpie and dog’s Insta-famous friendship

Authorities have ended an unlikely friendship between a magpie and a dog in Australia. The pair became an internet sensation when Molly the magpie was found unwell and taken home, where she became fast friends with Peggy, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Juliette Wells and Reece Mortensen had both animals at the Gold Coast home in Australia. They took Molly home after … Read more

Killer whale stalks and kills great white shark with one blow in shocking footage rarely seen

Animals lovers have found themselves feeling sorry for a great white shark after it is viciously preyed upon by a killer whale. A lot of people have a fear of sharks, I imagine films like Jaws probably have something to do with that. However, some animal documentary viewers found themselves stunned at just how brutal nature can be, specifically how a great white shark fairs … Read more

Scientists discover dogs can actually understand nouns and link together words in their minds

If you’ve ever been chatting away to your beloved dog and gotten the feeling they can understand some of what you’re saying – then you might be right. It’s no secret that our pooches are incredibly intelligent beings, but a recent study on canine brain activity has revealed they’re even smarter than we first thought. That’s because … Read more