Boy, 12, praised for his quick thinking reaction after leopard walks through the door

If you suddenly found yourself face-to-face with a leopard, what would you do?

Sure, you might have seen one of the creatures at the zoo or on a safari, but they’re relatively controlled environments.

I’m talking about a scenario in which you have to face a leopard completely out of the blue – say, for example, if it walked into the building you were in.

It might sound like an impossible situation, but footage from a security camera in a wedding hall office in Nashik, a city about 100 miles northeast of Mumbai, India, proves that’s not the case.

In the clip, a 12-year-old boy named Mohit could be seen entering the office with his father, who then left the room.

The young boy was left perched next to the open door of the office, where he seemed to be happily playing on a device without a care in the world.

I can’t imagine Mohit thought he would be just moments away from facing a wild animal, but that’s exactly what happened when a leopard suddenly strolled casually into the office from the streets.

Since we’ve already established that this isn’t something that happens often, it’s hard to know how you might react.

The leopard strolled straight into the building. Credit: Storyful
The leopard strolled straight into the building. Credit: Storyful

I can imagine a lot of people would opt for screaming, jumping around or perhaps even freezing altogether, but not this little boy.

Instead, he remained incredibly calm as he grabbed his device and hopped down off the bench to make a swift exit from the building.

He managed to avoid the leopard’s attention as he left the room, and cleverly shut the door behind him to trap the animal.

Speaking to the Times of India about the ordeal, he said: “There was hardly any space between the leopard and me … I was scared, but I quietly managed to get off the bench and sneak out of the office.”

Mohit would then likely have been tasked with having to make people believe that an actual leopard had just walked past him into the office, but luckily this wasn’t a case of ‘the boy who cried leopard’.

Authorities thankfully quickly responded to the scene, with footage showing a group of people entering to deal with the wild animal, which was later described as a five-year-old male.

Authorities were able to capture the leopard. Credit: Storyful
Authorities were able to capture the leopard. Credit: Storyful

The team managed to tranquilize the animal and remove it safely from the building.

The footage of the young boy’s quick thinking and incredibly chilled reaction has received a lot of attention since being shared online, with many viewers stunned over how the events unfolded.

“Glad he was a quick thinker and that he’s safe,” one viewer wrote after watching the clip.

Another added: “Wow surprised the cat didn’t notice him wow that’s awesome quickness.”

I guess if you ever find yourself in a room with a leopard, you now know just how to react!