A Redditor had shared a story four years ago, about how he exposed his father’s affair during a family dinner, in front of their whole family.

OP shared that his father was absent in his life, as he was on his long business trips, and focused on his career rather than his family. OP shared, “My siblings and I were basically raised only by my Mom, and I’m really close with her.”

When OP was 16, he noticed that his father started to act weirdly. OP wrote, “I remember a few months ago he came home super late and I could smell a little perfume on him.” And as his father left his phone over the table, OP saw a text his father received, which was saying, “last night was amazing, can’t wait to see you again” and some emojis.

As OP saw that message, he was shocked, and immediately talked with his mother. His mother was not surprised. OP wrote, “She got pretty emotional which I felt bad about, and told me not to worry and that I should just worry about being a kid and let her take care of the rest, so I just let it go cause I didnt want to hurt her more.”

When the whole family were at the grandparents house for dinner, the cousin of OP had shared that he got a new job, and OP’s father tried to embarrass his son in front of the whole family.

His father started to talk about how OP should be like his cousin, and focus on the school for opportunities, etc. As he kept talking, he come to a point where he talked about the lack of respect his son has.

As OP had enough, he said, “hard to respect you when you openly cheat on Mom and don’t even try to hide it”.

As the whole family got shocked, the father started to yell at OP’s mother, as he accused the woman with spoiling OP, and ruining him. As they started to argue, the family members tried to calm them down. Then OP’s mother took her kids and left the house, as she said to OP’s father that he shouldn’t come home.

As they arrived at home, OP’s mobile phone started to rang, as everyone was texting him that he ruined the evening, and his family. As he talked with his mother, OP shared, “She said that she understood my frustration and I probably should have expressed it better privately but what’s done is done.”

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