Man saves dog pushed out of car – then he looks in back seat and can’t believe in his eyes

It’s hard to understand how anyone could mistreat an innocent animal, especially their pet.

Pets are nothing but loyal and loving, and they deserve all the love in the world.

Unfortunately, many people don’t see it that way. Some people just want to have a pet as long as it’s “cute” and “useful.”

When their pet becomes a burden, these people get rid of them.

And that was what happened to a cute little dog called Coralina. When she was 8–10 years old, she was pushed out of a car in the Kentucky countryside.
Her owner abandoned her and forced her to face a life on the streets all by herself.

Not only was Coralina getting older, she was also pregnant. How heartless can a person be?

Fortunately, Coralina was discovered and rescued. But she was taken to a kill shelter where she was basically on death row.

But when 69-year-old Art Shaul from St. Petersburg, Florida was told about Coralina’s story, he decided to act. Art has been an animal lover his whole life and has helped save several homeless dogs.


The whole thing started when a dog died in his arms as a child.

“When I was a little kid, I had a dog die in my arms after it got hit by a car,” Art explains. “That’s what got me going.”

The animal shelter where Coralina was located was hundreds of miles away, but that didn’t stop Art. He jumped in his car and made the long drive to adopt Coralina.

Art made the back seat of his car comfortable for Coralina and turned the car around to head home. But what he didn’t know was that the adventure had just begun…


As they passed the Florida state line, Art looked back in the backseat and realized that Coralina was about to give birth. Then moments later, her first puppy arrived!

“I was a little shocked. I was thrilled but scared at the same time,” Art says.

Although the back of a car isn’t the perfect place to give birth, Art did what he could.

“We had a knife in there to cut the umbilical cords,” he says.


Coralina gave birth to six healthy, adorable puppies, and Art found loving homes for all of them, including Coralina.

“Coralina will be spoiled rotten,” he says. “And after what happened to her, she deserves it.”

It’s heartbreaking that some people see animals as objects or accessories, but we’re grateful to have people like Art out there to take up their cause!

Art found Coralina and her puppies loving homes and a better life — just like they deserve!

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