Simon made a humorous remark about Mel B’s marriage during a broadcast, causing her to abruptly leave in anger

Recently, there was a controversial incident that took place on America’s Got Talent that has left viewers stunned. Many believe that it was an accident, but it seems like it was something much more intentional. The incident involved Judge Simon and fellow Judge Mel B, who also happens to be a judge on the show.

The incident happened when there was a technical issue on set and the MC asked Simon how he felt about it. What he said next was unexpected, to say the least. Simon remarked that the situation felt like Mel B’s wedding night, although she is now divorced. This comment was clearly intended to be a joke, but it was one that Mel B was not able to handle.

In a fit of anger, Mel B stood up and opened her water can, pouring it all over Simon in retaliation for his insensitive remark. The audience was stunned by the sudden outburst and Mel B then stormed off the set. Later, she made light of the situation by joking about it.

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