Mom and daughter die – then grandma sees something that gives her the chills

On a beautiful spring day in 2017, Hannah Simmons was driving her baby daughter to the doctor for a routine checkup in Gainesville, Georgia.

But the ride turned deadly when Hannah’s car crashed into a truck.

Hannah’s family was crushed by grief. But a few days later, they saw a picture from the scene that gave them some comfort and hope…

Twenty-three-year-old Hannah Simmons and her best friend were bringing Hannah’s nine-month-old daughter, Alannah, to the doctor for a routine visit.

On the way, Hanna suddenly lost control of her car, and it smacked into a truck head-on. Hanna, her nine-month-old daughter, and her best friend died instantly.

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A man at the scene called emergency services, but he and the other witnesses soon realized that there wasn’t much they could do.

Meanwhile, 19-year-old Anisa Gannon was on her way to work when she reached the accident site. Since the road was blocked, Anisa picked up her phone and took a picture to show her boss why she was going to be late. But it wasn’t until later that Anisa noticed something in the picture she didn’t notice when she took it.

In the picture, a bright beam of light shines from the sky down to the spot where the woman and baby died in the car.

Anisa felt she had to show the photo to the victim’s relatives, and when they saw the beam of light, they burst into tears. Anisa’s aunt, Tara, also spotted the scene and told her niece, “It looked like they were going to heaven.”

Although some skeptics think the light is a reflection from Anisa’s car’s windshield, the relatives of the victims have found comfort in it and see it as a sign that Hanna, her nine-month-old daughter, and her best friend have all gone to heaven.

Hanna’s mom, Jodi Simmons, said that she “absolutely” believed that the powerful image showed a “pathway to heaven.”

When you lose someone you love, knowing that they’re in a better place is the only thing that can bring comfort and peace. Please share this fine story to give hope to others.