Widow Kathie Lee Gifford ‘Stilled’ Soul after Marrying off Kids within a Year — Grandson Is Her ‘Heaven’ Now

In 2022, it had been almost seven years since Kathie Lee Gifford lost her husband. She’d married off their two children by that year, and now that she was all alone, she found comfort in one particular person. Kathie Lee Gifford was married to her second husband, Frank Gifford, for twenty-nine years before he suddenly … Read more

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick: Inside their love story

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick are superstars in their own right and we’d all be forgiven for forgetting these two have been married for over three decades. Kyra was just 12 years old when she first met Kevin, 7 years her senior. She had gone to see a movie with her brother, which starred Bacon, … Read more

Meghan could release her own memoir after Harry’s huge ‘Spare’ success, report

Prince Harry released his much-anticipated, tell-all biography Spare last week. It became a monster hit overnight – during the course of the first day alone, it reportedly sold more than one million copies. The Prince revealed many things regarding he and Meghan Markle’s life within the British Royal Family. By and large, it made for very compelling … Read more

Meghan Markle was “upset for days” after she and Harry were mocked in new ‘South Park’ episode

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have kept relatively quiet since Harry released his memoir, Spare, in early January. Of course, the book didn’t exactly mark the first time the couple had spoken out about the Royal Family, making claims and revealing things hidden up until now. One main thing the Sussexes have preached over the past two … Read more

Teen boys rush to save toddler on highway at night

Many adults can be quick to judge teens, assuming they’re always up to no good. But that just isn’t the case. Two teens from Mount Juliet, Tennessee, went viral when they put their lives on the line to save a 3-year-old girl. One night, Dalaurence Holland, 15, and Zech Krinjnic, 13, were sitting and talking … Read more

Michael Berryman became an actor despite his rare congenital disability – now he’s an inspiration for millions

Michael Berryman has been working in Hollywood for decades, though his path to the big screen was far from easy. Michael was born with a rare congenital disability known as hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, making his life quite challenging.  A testament to his inspiring attitude, nothing would stop Berryman from pursuing his dreams. Today, one can … Read more

Prince George will never become King, historian claims

Prince George finds himself second in the line of succession for the British throne, one place behind his father, Prince William. Over the coming years, his parents will teach him all the traits and skills necessary for him to become a good and fair king, though of course, no one knows when he might inherit … Read more