Little Angelica Hale reveals her powerful voice when singing Rise Up

The judges were also in awe of nine-year-old singer Angelica Hale, who came out saying she wanted to “be the next Whitney Houston.”

“I want to be a superstar,” she told them – the four judges instantly predicting that she would become exactly that after being blown away by the surprisingly powerful voice of the little youngster as she sang Rise Up from Andra Day.

Angelica’s parents also said it was a miracle their daughter was able to be on stage to sing – as she nearly died at age four when both kidneys failed when she had a double. pneumonia.

Powerful Voice: Angelica Hale unleashed her powerful voice as she sang Rise Up +39

“Things were going very bad very quickly. They brought in a chaplain to talk to us, ”her father said, her mother confessing that they“ thought we were going to lose her ”.

But she was saved thanks to a transplant from her mother, with Angelica hugging her backstage and saying, “Mum gave me her kidney, she’s my hero.”

“His presence here today is a miracle,” insisted his father.
She quickly warmed up the judges with her lovely smile and proudly told them once on stage, “I’m nine years old and just found out I’m going to be a big sister.

Angelica has proven that anyone can make their dreams come true. She has overcome incredible obstacles in order to pursue her dreams, and her success is an inspiration to anyone with a passion and a goal.

“You have a star in your hands,” host Tyra Banks told the youngster’s parents as they watched, the judges all agreeing.