A 60-year-old mother was tired of her gray hair — underwent a stunning transformation, and now she doesn’t recognize herself

There are so many of us who could have enjoyed a professional makeover, but either we don’t have the courage, or we don’t want to spend the money.

For Debbie, she was approaching her 60th birthday and could choose both ends. Either decide to let her hair turn gray, or find someone she could trust to do a makeover for her.

This is where Christopher Hopkins, known as the «Makeover Man», entered the picture, and all her wishes came true.

Her makeover is simply amazing, and she looks like a completely different person.

Debbie explained that she didn’t want to look younger or prettier, but only to become ‘the best version of herself’.

And thanks to visiting the talented stylist she got it!

She said her husband didn’t understand why she needed it but added that her daughter had given her the confidence to go and do something for herself.

In his beauty parlor, Debbie could not believe her transformation.

«He (her husband) will not recognize me», she said after seeing the end result. «My family will not recognize me, I don’t recognize myself».

Christopher, the stylist, laughed with Debbie when the mother joked that he could paint her hair green or purple if he wanted.

Now you’ll see the amazing transformation and how happy she is after it! You lost ten years and became a movie star at the time Debbie. Well done!