We were invited to a party, my mother-in-law took her daughter and they went shopping, they went to buy themselves fresh clothes and I stayed home, like Cinderella. look what I did that they were shocked.

I’ve been married for a few years now I’m living with my husband’s parents and his sister. As soon as my husband and father-in-law leave the house, my mother-in-law and her daughter give me no peace. It’s as if I came into this house to do their bidding, one at a time I really look like that Cinderella princess.

Truly, it is so hurtful how they humiliate me, I don’t tell my husband not to fight with his mother and his sister, I know what I should say to protect myself, but I still keep quiet.

In order for you to understand how much I am humiliated, then let me tell you a case of the day. We were invited to an event, I was told two days early, and on those two days they made sure I didn’t go shopping for clothes, and on the last day they went shopping and told me to clean the house.

I wasn’t confused, I called my sister and asked her to send one of her dresses, one of the nicest ones, so I could wear it and go to the event. She sent it, my mother-in-law and her daughter came and saw me so beautiful they were shocked.