Kate Middleton made changes to Princess Diana’s $500,000 engagement ring, and no one knew about it

It’s been 11 years since Kate Middleton and Prince William tied the knot in Westminster Abbey, London, England. The wedding had hundreds of guests, and as the couple went through the streets of London in a carriage after the ceremony, thousands of people stood by, waiving and congratulating them.

The wedding of Kate and William was unique in many ways. Not only was it the future King who tied the knot, but also the first son of Diana to get married. He proposed with Diana’s former engagement ring while the couple was on vacation in Kenya.

It didn’t take long before Kate Middleton changed the ring in secret. But it’s still just as beautiful as before.

From the start, Kate and William were nothing but excellent friends. However, as the years at university went by, things became more serious.

Kate & Prince William’s love story – how did they meet?
The two started dating, and reportedly, it all began at a student fashion show. Kate caught William’s eye with a sheer outfit, which cost about $40, as reported by Insider.

Soon, they were deeply in love. And even though the outfit Kate wore was extraordinary for him, William explained that everything changed as soon as they started hanging out.

“We were friends for over a year first and it just sort of blossomed from then on,” William told The Telegraph. “We just spent more time with each other and had a good giggle, and realized we shared the same interests.”

William and Kate spent a lot of time together, getting to know each other at university. In 2005 both of them graduated. Kate Middleton earned a degree in art history and William in geography.

By this point, things started to get serious. William and Kate both had publicly announced that they were dating, and by the time they graduated, they had already lived together for quite some time.

Following their breakup, things got better between Kate and William. They became a loving couple and very popular among the public. And in 2010, the couple took the next step.

“We had a little private time away together with some friends and I just decided that it was the right time really. We had been talking about marriage for a while so it wasn’t a massively big surprise. I took her up somewhere nice in Kenya and I proposed,” William recalled.

He added, “I’d been planning it for a while but as every guy out there will know it takes a certain amount of motivation to get yourself going.”

“So I was planning it and then it just felt really right out in Africa. It was beautiful at the time. I just … I had done a little bit of planning to show my romantic side.”

“It was very romantic, Kate said, laughing. “There’s a true romantic in there.”

She didn’t see it coming since they were out with friends. Beforehand, Kate Middleton had thought of the idea that William maybe was going to propose. But it came as a “total shock.”

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