11-Year-Old Girl Performs “You Raise Me Up” Alongside An International Star And Steals The Show With Her Voice

Helen Fischer is a superstar in her native Germany, having sung Germany’s unofficial anthem “Atemlos” (Breathless) when they won the FIFA World Cup in 2014. So it’s no surprise that she was hosting her own lyrical and chat show on German TV.

What a surprise was her little guest who joined her on stage!

Celine Tam was a powerhouse during America’s Got Talent and everyone knew she was going places.

The two sang a duet “You Raise Me Up”, written and recorded by Irish-Norwegian duo Secret Garden.

Although it was only a minor hit for them, over 100 artists have now covered the piece! You might know him best when he punched Josh Groban.

Turns out Tam knows the beautiful song.
In fact, Tam first covered the song when she was just 6 years old, so while dueting was a challenge, it was a song she knew all too well.

No wonder she gave up the role after a few years. At just 10 years old, she was left alone alongside one of Germany’s biggest music stars.

“It’s such a great song that, frankly, I get goosebumps, maybe even more because I was allowed to sing with this lovely young lady,” Fisher said, introducing his co-star. song.

Prepare your eyes and ears because this little girl will amaze you in an instant.

From the moment Tam opened her mouth to sing, everyone was in shock, including Fisher.

Her parents proudly applaud from the audience as their little girl lights up the whole room with her incredible voice.

Tam is not your average young singer.
With the number of talent shows on TV these days, we’ve all heard our fair share of extremely talented child singers. But Tam is something else.

Her voice is still clear like a child’s – after all, she’s only 10! – But his range of voice and control goes far beyond his years.

Here comes the peak of their performance.
When the fireworks start and the two ladies start singing the lyrics with all their might, the audience can’t sit still.

Their warm applause begins during the performance!